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Concierge Level Service

  • Trusted provider of your choice
  • Comes to your home or office
  • Checks in pre & post treatment

Amazing Value

  • Hand selected products
  • For less than the retail med spa
  • Extra 1st time & group discounts

Highly Trained Providers

  • Nurse practitioners only
  • Trained by top local injectors
  • Supervised by board-certified surgeon



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Common FAQ’s About Pinch

Pinch is a quality, convenient, and affordable way to book in-home Med Spa services such as Tox and Filler.

Pinch provides three important benefits compared to a traditional Med Spa. 


First, Pinch Providers come to your home or office at a time that’s convenient for you. 

Second, ALL Pinch providers are trained Nurse Practitioners with extensive clinical experience. Third, Pinch’s prices are highly competitive because we don’t have the overhead of an office. You’ll get better providers, faster service, AND lower prices.


Pinch provides you with a better, faster, and cheaper med spa experience.

Today, Pinch focuses on traditional Med Spa services. 


Our first two products are Tox and Filler, with plans to expand to more services over time. For Tox, we’ve selected Xeomin. For Filler, we use Belotero. 


Xeomin is a uniquely purified and FDA-approved injectable that contains no unnecessary protein additives, making it a more refined, natural complex compared to competitors like Botox(R). 


We offer Xeomin because it has been associated with quicker time to desired treatment effect, longer lasting results, fewer allergic reactions, and a better price for you. 


Belotero contains hyaluronic acid that rejuvenates your appearance by adding volume to skin. It can be used throughout the face, including delicate areas around the lips, to reverse the effects of the normal aging process with subtle but noticeable enhancements to your natural beauty.

Pinch works exclusively with highly-vetted Nurse Practitioners. These expert healthcare professionals have undergone years of clinical schooling, and are trained in injectables by leading local cosmetic trainers. The scope of products & services is curated by Pinch with an eye on safety and efficacy, and all clinical oversight is provided by our own in-house physician team.

Our pricing is simple. We charge per unit for Tox. While Tox at a Med Spa can cost as much as $20/unit, we offer Xeomin at a retail price of $12. A tube of Filler costs $500, far less than most Med Spas. 


Also, for a limited time when joining Pinch, you will receive complimentary membership into our Insider’s Club. As a Club member, you’ll get 10 free units at your first appointment (when receiving 30 or more units), and all Club members receive 10% off ALL individual appointments, and 15% off ALL Pinch Parties. 


What that all means is you’ll get incredible value with Pinch.

Depending on the treatment(s) you receive, results typically last between 3-6 months. 


We recommend repeating Xeomin treatments every 3 months, while dermal fillers typically last at least twice that long. 


Your provider will be happy to discuss this with you in more detail

Yes! A Pinch Party is our take on the traditional Botox® party. 


To host, simply book a group appointment and share a special link with friends. Last-minute additions are also welcome, and new clients can be added to a Pinch Party on-site! Just be sure to let your provider know so they come prepared.

You are free to cancel or reschedule at any time up to 24 hours before your appointment. Pinch Providers plan their days around you and need time to fill a canceled spot. If you cancel an individual appointment within 24 hours, your provider may charge you $100. If you cancel a group appointment within 24 hours, your provider may charge $200. Our providers have the discretion to waive/cancel this fee on a case-by-case basis. All no-shows (where a provider arrives on the premises but there is no one present) will incur a $200 fee to cover the lost time. If you need to reschedule an appointment, you may do so via our website or–if within 24 hours–by contacting your provider directly.

Pinch brings you best-in-class service from expert medical professionals. Every provider is a licensed Nurse Practitioner and is thoroughly screened to comply with educational and professional requirements. Pinch also conducts a comprehensive background check on each applicant. Unlike traditional medical offices or spas, all Pinch Providers have received advanced healthcare degrees, are fully licensed, and use only the purest products sourced directly from manufacturers and provided by Pinch. Additionally, all Pinch Providers undergo personalized, hands-on education with our industry-leading trainers under the supervision of our physicians.

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THIS WEEK ONLY: First time clients get 10 Free Units when you receive 30 or more units, a $120 value. Plus, you’ll instantly be gifted a membership in our Insider’s Club through the end of 2023! Enjoy continued savings, priority reservations, complimentary consultations, and no visit fees.

THIS WEEK ONLY: First time clients get 10 Free Units when you receive 30 or more units, a $120 value. Plus, you’ll instantly be gifted a membership in our Insider’s Club through the end of 2023! Enjoy continued savings, priority reservations, complimentary consultations, and no visit fees.

Become a Pinch Insider for special promotions and savings.