Provider Onboarding

The following interactive workflow details the process of becoming a Pinch Provider. Please click on each of the circles to find out more information.

1. Profile

Create Your Pinch Profile

After completing the initial application, you'll be invited to complete a Pinch Provider profile.  You will upload a professional photo, write a short bio about yourself that clients will eventually see, and select an in-person training date.

2. Videos & Handbook

Training Videos and Provider Handbook

Once you’ve created your profile, you’ll receive a temporary password to login to your provider dashboard. From there, you can watch our on-demand training videos and download our Provider Handbook. These are both prerequisites to in-person training.

3. In-Person Training

In-Person Training

Spend a half-day with our lead trainer, Chris, who will review everything that is needed for success—including client consultations, product dilutions, injections, follow up, and safety. 

4. Background Verification

Credential & Background Verification

Once you’ve successfully completed training, you’ll complete our background and credential verification (powered by our partner, RealID). 

5. Provider Contract

Pinch Provider Contract

Once your background and credential verification come back clean, you will receive an email from DocuSign with your contract (no minimum requirements, no non-competes, and no commitments!).

6. Get Started!

Get Started!

Once the paperwork is complete, you may begin acquiring product and supplies as needed (at no cost to you). You will also receive more information about our marketing efforts to support you, and ways you can ease into client appointments if you’re new to injectables. We always have your back!

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Update Appointment Date / Time

Please modify the date / time of your appointment below, taking caution as your change will be saved as soon as you modify the value.

NOTE that you must set the end time to 30 minutes after the start time to avoid blocking off your schedule for longer than the appointment time.