Finally, injections with price transparency! We offer fair and uniform pricing regardless of where you schedule your Pinch. Since Pinch doesn’t have the overhead costs of a physical location and we buy directly from manufacturers to ensure the best quality products, we can pass those savings to our clients.

Xeomin® is offered at $12 per Pinch (unit), and our Providers are trained to treat conservatively (particularly with new patients or new treatment areas).

Filler treatment with Belotero® costs $500. Touch-ups in multiple areas of the face may be possible with a single syringe.

The number of Pinches and/or syringes to achieve a desired result varies by individual; book a consultation with an expert to discuss your personal treatment goals. The convenience of our on-demand, in-home service is included at no additional cost!

Below are rough estimates of the number of Xeomin® units and Belotero® syringes typically required by treatment area to achieve effective results.

Xeomin Treatment Female (approx units) Male (approx units)
Forehead 8 – 16 16 – 20
Frown lines (11’s) 8 – 16 12 – 20
Crow’s feet 6 – 12 per eye 8 – 12 per eye
Jawline slim (masseter) 20 – 25 per side 20 – 30 per side
Neck cords 40 40
Lip flip 4 4
Chin dimpling 4 4
Hyperhidrosis (underarm) 50 per underarm 50 per underarm
Migraines (temporalis) 60 60
TMJ (bruxism) 50 50
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