What Makes Pinch Different

The beauty industry is filled with recommendations for potions, lotions, treatments, and procedures that promise to give you the results you want. The industry is growing, in 2021, it was worth $60.42 billion, and it’s projected to reach $119 billion by 2030. It’s no surprise why — people over a certain age want to look as good as they feel. They say 60 is the new 40 and anti-aging treatments have a lot to do with that concept.

Pinch is the convergence of a few industry characteristics and buyer habits that have come to the forefront as injectables and cosmetic procedures have become more accessible and desired. The need to have products and services appear on demand has obviously become more important to buyers and higher-end items and services are experiencing that same pull toward doing things on their schedule and at their convenience. 

Further, over many years in the medical profession, the founder of Pinch, Jacob Avraham (a Chicago-based trauma surgeon) has experienced the ebb and tide of personnel and the overall volatility of healthcare staffing. Seeing the challenges Nurse Practitioners face as hours and flexibility become limited and knowing that injectables are a growing area of the beauty market, Jacob put user demand and NP needs together to become Pinch.

The culture at Pinch is one of careful responsibility and attention to detail. That is why only licensed Nurse Practitioners can work with Pinch. They are already proven adept at meeting patient needs while problem-solving and addressing every detail related to patient care.

As trained healthcare professionals, the focus at Pinch is always on health and safety. Jacob and his team have created a vetting process that not only assures Pinch clients that the Nurse Practitioners visiting their homes or offices have had their backgrounds checked (this is also part of the licensing process), are fully vaccinated, and have been trained by the leading aesthetic injectable training program available.

Pinch Practitioners bring home the majority of the fees from each visit, and, just like the client, are able to make their own schedules so everyone is happy and relaxed entering a Pinch appointment knowing they are all going to benefit from a terrific experience.

Last but not least, Pinch strives to be transparent about all of its practices, including pricing. Pricing is on the website but we’re including it here again. Pinch offers fair and uniform pricing regardless of where, or with how many friends, you schedule your Pinch. Yes — they offer Pinch parties too! 

Since Pinch doesn’t have the overhead costs of a physical location and buys directly from manufacturers to ensure the best quality products, they can pass those savings to clients: Xeomin® is offered at $12 per Pinch (unit) and Providers are trained to treat conservatively (particularly with new patients or new treatment areas). 

Filler treatment with Belotero® costs $500. Touch-ups in multiple areas of the face may be possible with a single syringe. The number of Pinches and/or syringes to achieve the desired result varies by individual. Book a consultation with an expert to discuss your personal treatment goals. The convenience of our on-demand, in-home service is included at no additional cost! Below are rough estimates of the number of Xeomin units typically required by the treatment area to achieve effective results:

Pinch is reimagining how people get injectables. It’s helmed by passionate medical professionals with an eye for detail — and you receive the best products and services on-demand and in your own space.

Go ahead! you can Pinch Yourself or host a Pinch Party with confidence.

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