The Safety of Pinch injectables

Safety should be your top priority when considering any medical procedure. At Pinch, safety is always on our mind. That’s why our culture is one of safety first. This starts with the best-in-class products sourced directly in partnership with the manufacturer. We NEVER use gray-market products because we believe in complete client transparency.

All of our products are FDA approved, but selecting the right products is only part of our commitment to our clients. We combine best product sourcing with a rigorous training program that each and every Pinch Provider must complete, regardless of how much prior experience they bring to Pinch. This ensures standard safety protocols and procedures are followed each and every time.

Our extensive safety program includes both on-demand didactic instruction and in-person, hands-on comprehensive training. Furthermore, we’ve created a safety net where additional expert support is always available.

Last but not least, to deliver the very best experience we needed to partner with the very best clinicians. Our medical professionals are all certified advanced practice nurse practitioners. These are among the top healthcare professionals working today.

Med spas often employ a variety of so-called professionals, including “aestheticians” and “medical assistants” – but their training and expertise is often much more variable, leaving clients without a clear understanding of who will be administering their injectables.

At Pinch, we always prioritize client safety and transparency, and we therefore, ensure your Pinch Provider is a top quality expert using the very best products that are sourced and priced fairly and transparently. This is our commitment to you.

Do you have any questions about our staff, products or service that haven’t been addressed online? We’re here to help. Hit us up at [support email] and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours.

You can also follow us online to hear more from our founders, who are practicing physicians, additional info about the products we use, and bonus content from Pinch Providers and current users.

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