Mistakes to Avoid After Getting At Home Botox

Many men and women have received excellent results from their at home Botox treatments or other neuromodulators like Xeomin. According to research from the University of California, it is estimated that 11 million people have had a Botox procedure done worldwide. Its popularity has seen its spread into homes in non-medical settings, and it may not be clear what the aftercare procedure is. Below we’ll list what you should not do after getting an at home botox injection.

1. No Rubbing or Massaging

After receiving Botox, it’s best not to rub, massage, or apply pressure to the treated areas of the face for 24 hours. The reason is that you could inadvertently spread the Botox into other areas of the face and end up relaxing muscles you did not intend to. To be safe, you had better wait a week until your next massage.

2. Only Dainty Movements

It is also recommended that you reduce the vigorous movements you make in the first four hours. Especially those that cause an increase in blood flow to the head, such as bending over, lying down, or even exercising. More blood flow to the face could wash away the Botox before it has begun its work.

3. Stay Sober for 24 Hours

Alcohol is a vasodilator meaning it expands the blood vessels. More blood could wash away the Botox as before and increase the risk that you might bleed through your pierced skin. This can also lead to bruising.

4. Take it in Moderation

It’s best to start small when receiving at home Botox and go for the less is more approach. This also allows time to see how you respond to the injection; in any case, more can be given later.

5. Avoid the Sun

You now have pierced skin, and exposure to the Sun can cause pigmentations in those punctured areas.

6. Avoid Blood Thinning Drugs

Examples include aspirin, ibuprofen, and naproxen. Like alcohol, these drugs thin your blood and can cause swelling or bruising, so it’s wise to avoid taking them a week before treatment and a few days later.

7. Get a Qualified Provider

Even with an at home Botox injection, you can get someone trained and qualified to administer Botox safely and effectively.

If you need an at home Botox procedure done or have any questions, call us today for a consultation.

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