Filler Proteins in Botox® Can Be Problematic – Xeomin®, As a Natural, Purified Product, is Superior

First, we think it’s important to mention that Pinch has no investment or stake in Xeomin®. We’ve chosen Xeomin as our preferred neuromodulator simply because we think it’s best for our clients! First and foremost, we’re medical professionals. Doctors founded Pinch, and every Pinch Provider is a licensed Nurse Practitioner with many hours of sophisticated training.

When we selected Xeomin it was largely due to its chemical composition – or lack thereof. Other neuromodulators contain unnecessary proteins, which can both delay the onset of the desired result and may increase the chances of a negative reaction to the injections. According to published research, one in six people using Botox have some kind of allergic reaction.

We just don’t see those kinds of allergic reactions with Xeomin. Xeomin also offers a fast treatment time and results are noticeable in a few weeks and can be maintained over time. There is a concern with the added proteins in alternatives like Botox that desensitization can occur, making future treatments with alternatives less effective the more often you use it.

Because of its purity, you may have heard Xeomin called “naked Botox.” Its one-line ingredient list not only suggests fewer complications but it can be relied upon overtime to deliver the same superior results.

At Pinch, we believe in transparency and feel that clients must know what they’re having injected into their bodies. That’s why we’ve gone with a uniquely purified product that contains no unnecessary components – only the minimal necessary ingredients to achieve the desired results without unwanted side effects.

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