Belotero: the Science of Filler Density

A subtle density filler is better to avoid that “overdone” cosmetic surgery look

Facial fillers come in all different shapes and sizes. Well, sort of. The key components of what makes a filler unique boils down to two things: material and density. The material of a filler can range from natural to synthetic. We believe natural is better than synthetic.

That’s why we use only naturally-occurring hyaluronic fillers, which rejuvenate your body’s own hyaluronic acid levels, helping you bind more water and leading to fuller and smoother skin! Hyaluronic acid is a naturally-occurring mucopolysaccharide present in each of us. It’s located throughout our skin and body and helps our bodies bind water, allowing us to stay hydrated and keep our skin looking healthy.

With normal aging, the amount of hyaluronic acid in our body – particularly our skin – declines, leaving us susceptible to deeper wrinkles and loose skin. Injectables such as the one we use, Belotero®, replenish the natural hyaluronic acid in our bodies, allowing for increased water retention. The net effect is skin with more fullness.

In addition to the filler material, filler density is also a key component of what makes a filler unique. While perhaps not for everyone, our philosophy is to achieve a subtle enhancement of your own beauty.

We want your results to appear natural, rather than make it obvious that you’ve had “work done.” To achieve this, we’ve specifically chosen low-to-mid density hyaluronic acid filler Belorero®, which works by restoring lost levels of your naturally-occurring hyaluronic acid, leaving you with a refined, subtle improvement that allows you to feel your best without the unwanted stares.

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