We’ve answered some of the most common questions below. If you can’t find an answer to your question, check out our blog or contact us and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Glad you asked! We analyzed every single injectable on the market and chose Xeomin® as our botulinum injectable and Belotero® as our dermal fillers. In other words, Xeomin® is our muscle relaxing product that provides a smoothing appearance to the skin. It is a uniquely purified and FDA approved injectable that contains no unnecessary protein additives, making it a more refined, natural complex compared to competitors like Botox®. Xeomin® has been associated with fewer allergic reactions, quicker time to desired treatment effect, and a longer lasting result. Belotero® is commonly referred to as a “filler.” It contains hyaluronic acid that rejuvenates your appearance by adding volume to skin. It can be used throughout the face, including delicate areas around the lips, to reverse the effects of the normal aging process with subtle but noticeable enhancements to your natural beauty.

Finally, injections with price transparency! We offer fair and uniform pricing regardless of where you schedule your Pinch. Since Pinch doesn’t have the overhead costs of a physical location and we buy directly from manufacturers to ensure the best quality products, we can pass those savings to our Clients: Xeomin® is offered at $12 per Pinch (unit), and our Providers are trained to treat conservatively (particularly with new patients or new treatment areas). Below are rough estimates of the number of Xeomin units typically required by treatment area to achieve effective results:

TreatmentFemale (approximate units)Male (approximate units)
Forehead8 - 1616 - 20
Frown lines (11's)8 - 1612 - 20
Crow's feet6 - 12 per eye8 - 12 per eye
Jawline slim (masseter)20 - 25 per side20 - 30 per side
Neck cords4040
Lip flip44
Chin dimpling44
Hyperhidrosis (underarm)50 per underarm50 per underarm
Migraines (temporalis)6060
TMJ (bruxism)5050

Filler treatment with Belotero® costs $500. Touch-ups in multiple areas of the face may be possible with a single syringe. The number of Pinches and/or syringes to achieve a desired result varies by individual; book a consultation with an expert to discuss your personal treatment goals. The convenience of our on-demand, in-home service is included at no additional cost!

Pinch brings you best-in-class service from expert medical professionals. Every single provider is a licensed Nurse Practitioner, thoroughly screened to comply with educational and professional requirements. Pinch also requires a thorough background check to be passed prior to joining our team. Unlike traditional medical offices or spas, all Pinch Providers have received advanced healthcare degrees, are fully licensed, and use only top-quality products sourced directly from manufacturers and provided by Pinch. Additionally, all Pinch Providers undergo personalized, hands-on education with our expert head trainer.

Pinch will be available in the Chicago area soon. By signing up, you’ll let us know you’re interested and you’ll get the first shot at scheduling an appointment (pun intended!). 

You are free to cancel at any time up to 24 hours before your appointment. It’s important to remember that Pinch Providers plan their days around appointments and need time to fill a canceled spot. If you cancel within 24 hours, you’ll be charged a fee of $100 to cover the practitioner's time commitment. However, if you reschedule for a later time with the same provider, we will waive the fee!

Depending on the treatment you receive, results typically last between 3-6 months. Visit our blog to learn more about the science behind anti-wrinkle injections. 

Pinch Parties are not only permitted, but encouraged. Host a Pinch Party by inviting your friends to get pinched together at a location of your choosing. One person requests the party and additional participants are then prompted to complete their own confidential health questionnaires. The requester covers all the costs, but an itemized invoice is generated so splitting costs is easy. 

At Pinch, your safety is our top priority. Therefore, we comply with all CDC guidelines regarding COVID-19. Furthermore, we require our Providers to remain fully masked (with a two-ply surgical mask) throughout the entirety of your appointment. Please reach out to us if you have any further questions or concerns.

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Pinch is currently recruiting and training licensed Nurse Practitioners and will be launching soon.  Please sign up to be notified when we are available in your area!

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